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Warning about money fraud scheme!

WARNING: this domain name ( is used (amongst many other domains) for a money fraud scheme in South Africa and other countries. Criminals use this domain name without our consent (!). The scammers use words like "purchase". The scammers use random domain names for their withdrawals and sometimes it happens to be our domain. It could have been "", but it happens to be our domain. There is nothing we can do about this.

The owner of this domain (our company) does not (or has ever) taken money from bank accounts. Our company does not (or has ever) worked with subscriptions. Our company has nothing to do with these scammers!

Please contact your bank to stop any deductions from your account! Your bank is responsible for unwanted deductions from your account without your consent. They will be able to help you. A bank must refund any deductions that are done without your consent. A bank must prove you gave written consent for any deduction.